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New Member Recognition Event

New Member Recognition Event

Each Golden Key chapter is tasked with hosting an event to induct new members. At these ceremonies, new members join their peers and are recognized for their achievements and are given a certificate of membership. The New Member Recognition Event (NMRE) allows attendees to network and meet student chapter leaders, other members, university administration and faculty and honorary members, as well as learn more about scholarships, member benefits and community service projects.

The New Member Recognition Event (NMRE) is our chapter's biggest event of the year and will be held on December 4th, 2017. Those who have accepted their invitation to join Golden Key at York University are invited to attend and be recognized for their academic achievements.

Not only is the NMRE a time for a newly inducted member to celebrate their high academic standing with their family and friends, but it is a great opportunity to network and meet other like-minded students at York! If you receive an invitation to become a member of York University's Golden Key chapter, please accept the offer! Those who accept their invitation two weeks or more before the NMRE date, will be invited to join in the ceremony.

Email invitations for this event will go out to new members.

As a GK member, you are recognized as being part of York's top 15%. Moreover, a greater variety of opportunities will become available to you. Accepting the GK invitation means membership for life!


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