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Officers & Advisors

Officers & Advisors

Petra Bartlett Velandia


Hello everyone! Welcome to Golden Key International at York University. I'm in my third year of the Environmental Studies Honours program and I am specialising in Environmental Management and Sustainable Energy. York University is a vibrant community dedicated to fostering respect, excellence, inclusion, collaboration and innovation. As President of the Golden Key International Honour Society at York University, I am committed to upholding these values. Additionally, I will continue to work with students, faculty and alumni so that we all benefit from what the Golden Key International Honour Society offers at local, national and international levels. And I will continue to create positive change both within myself and the world around me through the advancement of Golden Key's pillars: academics, leadership and service. On a more personal note, I love hiking, photography, dancing and lots more. I believe that setting aside time to have fun doing things we love to do is a vital component of academic success. I know it is challenging to do this with a full schedule yet definitely worth it! Please contact me directly if you would like to know more about what we're up these days. I look forward to meeting you all on campus. president.yugoldenkey@gmail.com

Marie Rickard

Chapter Advisor - York University Faculty

Amber Liu

Chapter Treasurer

My name is Xinyi Liu and I am currently working as a treasurer at the Golden Key Chapter. I am extremely honored to be a part of the Golden Key Society and contribute to our community by managing the finances and funding of our local chapter and assisting in fund raising, not only for the chapter but for other the charitable activities that are suggested by members.

Mirjana Peric

Campus and Community Outreach Director

Hi all, I will be your 2017/18 Community and Campus Outreach Director. I am about to commence my 3rd Political Science program year and I have been with GK for a year previously as a Speaker. I have a lot of service-related activities I want to convey to my fellow peers and GK members, so get ready for a fun- filled and networking-centered academic year. Most importantly, I will work on planning and executing events that will grow our leadership ingenuity while harnessing our volunteering contributions.

Rakshana Sachithanandarajaa

Service Director

Hello to my fellow Golden Key members! I will be your Service Director for the 2017-2018 school year. I will be in my fourth year of the Law & Society program in September. I have served as the New Member Engagement Director for the 2017 winter term (Jan-April 2017) previously. At Golden Key, one of the three pillars is Service. I am looking forward to arranging events and for our chapter to work with volunteer organizations where members of our chapter can give back to the community. I am excited to start working with the new executive team in planning volunteer activities and group volunteering events.

Gebisa Mucaj

Public Relations Director

Hello, my name is Gebisa and this year I have the honor of being part of the GK team. I would like to welcome all new members to our family to see the opportunities that will rise from Golden Key. For a better future, scholarships and more, come join our team! Hope to see everyone involved. Let's make these years count!

Zhiwei Chen

General Committee Member

Please feel free to call me Max. I am a second year student studying electrical engineering. I will work as a general committee member to serve Golden Key International Society at York University. My role is to collaborate and facilitate with the other directors to complete their plan of an event. I appreciate that I have been given an opportunity to learn and grow by working with this amazing team. Something about me? I like psychology and philosophy. I think school life should not be only about gaining knowledge, but should also look for more fun and challenge yourself by trying something new.


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